Of course I crashed into her on purpose.

As I walked through Huddersfield’s shopping precinct I turned the facts over and over in my mind. At what point does it become premeditated? Surely there comes a point, even if it’s just thirty seconds before the act, at which you take a decision on who will become your victim. Does something need to have been planned weeks in advance for it to be premeditated? Read More


West Yorkshire Police are cunts. I’d been sat in that tiny, filthy cell for what felt like three or four hours. There was no clock on the wall, and they took my watch off me when I was booked in at the front desk. My watch, my wallet, my phone, and a small plastic bag containing the smallest remnants of MDMA powder – leftovers from a night at The Kestrel. Not my car keys though; these were still in the ignition when I was dragged from the vehicle, shouting and cursing the interfering bastards in their shitty black uniforms.

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