Police are appealing for witnesses after a 21 year old Leeds woman was attacked in her car last Monday evening on Westerton Road, Tingley.

The victim, who was returning from an evening visiting friends in York, was approached after pulling in to the Tesco Express car park at approximately 8:45pm. Her attacker used a hammer to smash the driver’s side window on her blue Toyota Starlet, before using the same weapon to strike the victim four times around the head, face, and neck. The victim, who suffered a broken jaw, fractured eye socket, and fractured cheekbone in the vicious attack, described her attacker as male, white, of medium height and build, and wearing dark clothing with a distinctive bright pink balaclava covering his face.

Local police have not issued a formal statement, but officers dealing with the case have commented that the attack appeared to be targeted despite no obvious motive. Unofficial sources have told us that this may have been a road rage attack, as it’s suggested the attacker leaned into the vehicle following the attack and broke off the cars indicator stalk, before being heard to repeatedly ask the victim “What is this for?  What is this for?”.

The victim remains in hospital in a stable condition, but has been warned that she may permanently lose sight in her left eye due to internal collapse. Witnesses are being urged to contact West Yorkshire Police.

I threw the newspaper onto the filthy desk, piled up with old greasy spark plugs and car logbooks, then drew a deep breath and sat back in my chair, surveying the scrap yard as the wind pushed leaves and crisp packets backwards and forwards.

“Frank!” I shouted.

“Can I knock off early?”

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